Stock management

Good stock management and accurate inventory are both determining factors in your organisation’s performance. Whether you run a physical store with a POS system or manage a webshop, you can only sell what you have in stock. Our online billing software guarantees optimum stock management thanks to the automation of your order lists. The inventory is linked to the order lists and vice versa. Since you know exactly what you have in stock at any time of the day, you can adjust your orders accordingly. You can request an overview listing the number of products, the value of the items present, the orders, the recently delivered items, etc. In addition, you can set up warning systems to alert you as soon as stocks of a given product have reached a minimum quantity.


Automated system

While maintaining sufficient stock ensures continuity, the stock should have as little impact as possible on the company’s budget management. An automated system with personal touches creates the right balance.

Unlimited number of options

Do you want to know how many items you have in stock or how much your inventory is worth? Everything is possible, from the simplest calculations to advanced formulas that allow you to have complete control over your inventory at any time.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

This online billing software requires no installation and is compatible with iOS (Apple), Windows and Android.

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