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Take your billing to the cloud

Are you also looking for user-friendly billing software with integrated stock management? We’ve developed the Onlinefact billing software to get you going right away. Since our billing software is cloud based, you can log in from any device or computer to do your administration. This means that you don’t need to physically be at your premises to issue or record your invoices.

  • No installation required, as it is cloud based
  • Easily import customers and products from Excel
  • Automatic stock management
  • Backorder management
  • Print barcodes for your products or store rack
  • Print or send documents by email
  • Follow up payments
  • Export data to Excel
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Free support

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Onlinefact billing system

You are well aware, as an entrepreneur, that a good billing system is indispensable. The Onlinefact software helps you optimise your systems in a cost-effective way. Issuing invoices, automatic addition of customer and supplier data, conversion from quotation to invoice or from order form to credit note, everything is possible. You can request the automatic calculation of the totals, VAT, advance payments or profit margins. Whatever selection criteria you prefer, the calculations adjust automatically. Rather than get spooked by the difficult terminology or our product’s limitless possibilities, why not put the user-friendliness of our software to the test? You can start using it right away, even if you don’t have a financial background.

Easy monitoring

You can print documents or easily e-mail them to suppliers and customers. Different accounts can be linked to simplify the exchange of stock data.

Without limitations

You can create as many documents as you need, add an infinite number of customers and suppliers and this from an unlimited number of workstations.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

This online billing software requires no installation and is compatible with iOS (Apple), Windows and Android.


You can add personal touches and logos in a single mouse click. Importing or exporting data is easy and analyses are simplified through the extensive selection options.

Clear structure

The billing software is arranged in a clear, user-friendly layout. Extensive lists are available for orders, registration and follow-up of payments

Time saving

All the data is filled in when establishing an invoice or order form and stocks are automatically adjusted in the stock management software.

And all that with our free support!

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